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Trade. Collect. Enjoy!

Are you ready for our first ever Auckland Card Show?


We are excited to bring you our first ever Auckland Card Show. A place for trading & collectible card enthusiasts to buy, sell or trade with others from around New Zealand and the rest of the world.

With 160 tables you are bound to find everything you want, whether you are chasing Pokemon, sailing on the One Piece wave or taking a swing at sports cards.


For New Zealand & beyond


Auckland Card Show is for all New Zealanders and the rest of the world. Our mission is to put on the best card shows possible and expand our reach far beyond New Zealand, bringing collectors together globally. And that is just what we are doing! Everyday, more and more fantastic traders, collectors and companies are discovering what we are doing.


What to expect…





Incredible local businesses, equally incredible overseas businesses, all kinds of trading card brands, shiny cardboard, foil rustling, vintage cards, modern cards, rare cards, graded cards, more shiny cardboard, live unboxing, giveaways, pack battles, a lot of protective sleeves, the odd UV protector, sealed products, booster packs, blister packs, wrapped in non-shiny-cardboard booster packs, trading cards, trading cards and more trading cards!

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